NISSAN: Es un Juke

This project  became a good combination generated when working together with agency, production company and studio, where each collaborated and helped maximize an idea. These key factors led to the solution that makes "it’s a Juke" a piece that shows techniques and skills executed to everybody’s satisfaction. The Brief: Juke goes beyond your expectations, showing [...]


Proyecto para Jumex de México Brief: Create world full of "taste" to represent the product's 3 main flavors: Strawberry, Mango and Guava. Concept: “Get all the juice from life”, generate fun and festive environments, reminiscent of a circus atmosphere. Solution: Generate different fruit caves with a play on design and lighting to envelop the performers [...]

GNP: World Cup

Due to a comprehensive pre-production; set extensions, crowd generation, snow, mist and sky replacement were possible as well as the biggest challenge: the Maracana stadium; in a reduced amount of time. Brief: The creative premise seeks to narrate a story of growth and personal evolution through the fulfillment of dreams and aspirations that lead the [...]

COORDOWN :: Reasons to Celebrate

Una colaboración entre FCB México (Javier Campopiano) y SMALL (Luca Lorenzini y Luca Panesse) en Nueva York para CoorDown. Trabajamos con una casa productora Suiza (GOSH), un director Húngaro (Rudolph Peter Kiss), un editor Estadounidense (Aaron Langley) y un músico Argentino (Alexis Estiz). Aquí les compartimos REASONS TO CELEBRATE.

FORD LOBO :: Pueblo Errante

Director: Diego Pernía Client: Ford Motor Company Agency: Blue Hive Mexico City Ford Team: Cristina Perkins, Jesús Arzate, Enrique Wiechers Blue Hive Team: Gerardo Ayala (CD), Katya Arriaga, Montserratt Cuevas, María Valdovinos, Juan Manuel Urritia, Gabriel Orozco, Fernanda Contreras, Chacho Verni (Agency Producer). Production Company: Garage Films Executive Producers: Simón Rubalcava / José A. Terán [...]